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General Dentistry

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Our main focus at Maia Dental is to improve oral health and prevent oral problems such as gum disease and tooth decay.
We take time completing a thorough examination of your mouth and will discuss a preventative regime with you. On the occasion that you do require treatment, we provide all aspects of general dentistry including:
•   Scale and Polish
•   Hygienist Visits
•   Children’s Dentistry
•   Fillings
•   Root Canal Treatment
•   Crowns and Bridges
•   Dentures / Denture repairs / Flexible Partial Dentures (Valplast)

We are able to refer you to a number of specialists for specialist work such as Implants, Sedation, Oral Surgery and Complex Root Canals if required. 
In addition, we also offer other treatments which include:
•   Teeth Whitening
•   Composite Bonding
•   Porcelain Veneers
•   Invisalign Teeth Straightening
•   Hygiene Services

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