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Dental Hygienist

Oral hygiene and regular brushing is essential in order to prevent the build up of tartar and prevent gum disease.

Brushing Teeth

The Care You Deserve

If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth this is a sign of gum irritation due to tartar which could eventually lead to loss of teeth.

Our Hygienist can professionally clean your teeth (known as a ‘scale and polish’) which will remove tartar to maintain the health of your gums. You will also be provided with tailored advice which will help you minimise the build up of tartar.

Although regular visits to your Dentist are recommended, our Hygienist is fully qualified to diagnose and treat any gum problems and there is no need to see the Dentist if you prefer this ‘direct access’ option.

As well as maintaining oral health, our Hygienist can also provide cosmetic cleans, which consists of a range of polishes to give your mouth that sparkle back. Please see our Practice Plan page for the range of treatments available and also a choice of Hygiene Plans for how you can pay monthly for hygiene treatments.

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